Saturday, December 29, 2012

Red chair variations

Seated on a small red plastic chair
Going fast
down a
The chair's metal legs screech
As they scrape the asphalt

Riding the chair, I dash down the mountainside
In front of me just the open air
I remember the climb up from its other side
(Steep rise
I grab soil with my fingers
The grains scratch my palms
My feet dig into the soft earth)
And then, at the peak,
Looking down
To see the drop all the way to the

Feeling quite nervous
I immediately find myself hurtled on the
Small red plastic chair
As I gallop
Holding tight to the seat’s edges
Vibrate as the chair and I buck on the paved road
I think I can smell the friction of metal and tar
Underneath me
Pebbles sliding all around
My body leans forward dangerously

Am I screaming?

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