Friday, April 5, 2013

A certain something

I move away from you, I look away from you
My eyes averted, my attention elsewhere; anywhere but you
My voice is stable, my motions well controlled.  One
Would never know.  One could never tell
One might even guess the opposite
Not a trace of betrayal in my gestures.  As if nothing at all 
Nothing at all

And all this time
The warmth of your painfully-alluring chest is calling me
To sit in your lap, to have your arms round me, my head under your chin
The smell of you penetrate me

Was that the scent in my dream, when 
Your torso leaned back
Your sweaty skin against my breasts, glistening as if you just emerged from water

I say naught.  I do naught.  I say and do naught
In the face of this certain something
A skip.  A thump.  A skip, a thump, and a gasp—all at once
Even when our fingers slightly touched in an ordinary act of object changing hands; less then an inch, a few millimeters of skin against skin
Nothing much, really.  But

I quickly step away and walk into the crisp autumn air
To type these words
From the safety of my keyboard

Aching for more


  1. Hello Rinat,
    Fern Migdal forwarded to me you mail. I read the poem and thought it very good indeed. I live in Chicago. I also write poetry in English and in Hebrew. It would be very nice to connect with you. I have a book published “The Rocky Hill” (stories and poems) In Israel in Hebrew and in the US in English. The book in English sold 7000 copies. In Israel it didn’t go as well. I couldn’t come for reading and promoting. I am finishing now another collection of poems 150 poems 10 paintings. I didn’t translate it to hebrew. Too difficult. I am finishing also a novel in Hebrew and another in English. I would love to read more of your poems. I would also like to hear from you! my email is My website, although a mess: is I am still fighting with Google so I am not sure you can go there yet. Here is one of my poems:


    Violent twilights clasp a granite sky.
    Quick! Command the silence.
    If this storm lasts
    The city will collapse,
    The plants, man, beast -
    The Life.

    Calm the night.
    Place your hand on the brow of boiling earth.
    Breath into its failing heart.
    Say the words that only you can utter,
    Smooth shards of stars with
    Beauty of the rhymes.
    To you alone the soul is yearning,
    To you and to the softness of
    Your touch, that like a feather strokes
    The lashes of my mind.
    Say the words that only you can utter,
    Bring back the glory of the past.

    My love, so virgin, will embrace your essence,
    I'll dwell inside the comfort of your light.
    With lightest hand, then, you'll smooth my spirit
    And with your breath, as light as zephyr,
    Bring back the triumph of the Love.

    Please get in touch with me
    Lady I

  2. Rinat,
    This is from Ilana Haley in Chicago