Friday, April 18, 2014

I See You

I see you in the streets, in train stations,
Sitting on a park bench.
Your skin is dark, light, smooth, wrinkled, scarred.
Your hair is long, short, or curly.

You are beautiful.

You live in the city, in a village.
A refugee camp.
In a steady house,
Or rove the streets.
In Europe, Africa, Asia, America.
You have a family.
You’re all alone.

You represent me too.

You're not afraid.
You fight the wars you need to fight,
Celebrate your victories,
Reconcile your defeats,
And move on.

And you get stronger as the years go by;
Develop inner muscles,
Stand upright,
Smile even when the smile does not show on your face.

And each day you grow more beautiful.

This light of yours won't fade even after your death.
That glowing fire in these

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