Saturday, November 12, 2022

Air (the original version appeared in East Coast Ink Issue 004: Bridges, 2014)

Brought there by the winds, blown from east to west, she moved over the waters, the ocean blurring underneath as she speared through the air, headfirst, pointing at the farthest land. She knew not, she felt not, she consumed the many miles almost blindly. A young woman of a fuzzy mind, of sullen air. And airless, in that new land she remained, year and another year. Where her wings gained strength by and by. Year and another year. And she finally tiptoed into new air. Crisp air. Open air. And she began to breathe. Small swigs at first, deeper gulps at last. And she spread her wings wide and soared skyward. Above that new land. In that new air.

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